Charlamagne Tha God's rape accuser has been trying to get the sexual case from the early 2000's re-opened. This was shut down by the D.A last week. The District Attorney said that they must honor the plea deal that was struck years a go. However, Charlamagne's accuser claims that the prosecution didn't handle the criminal case properly and now, she's bringing the case to South Carolina Supreme Court's disciplinary counsel. 

Charlamagne Tha God's accuser, Jessica Reid, is bringing her case against the Breakfast Club host to the State Supreme Court, The Blast reports. In a letter sent to John S. Nichols, a deputy for the Supreme Court Office of Disciplinary Counsel in South Caroline, she states that she was "uncooperative" while the investigation was going on because she was "traumatized." She also states that it was the “prosecutor’s responsibility” to come to her defense during the trial.

She also writes that there was “no investigation done to bring justice." She adds that Charlamagne has continued to "violate" her on his radio show, his book and on his social media platform.

In addition, Reid has requested DNA samples from the 2001 investigation that Charlamagne initially provided. She says that the results from his blood work was never revealed in the case. Her family believes this could help their case.

Now, Reid is looking into filing an official claim against the prosecution on the initial case for throwing out the charge of criminal sexual conduct with a minor and giving him the opportunity to take a plea deal.