The Breakfast Club had a fun time commenting on Tekashi 6ix9ine's official release of DUMMY BOY. The crew, who had interviewed the rapper only days before his arrest, played a couple of his tracks during their "Rumor Report" segment.

Angela Yee's first spin was "KEEKA," produced by Scott Storch. The crew stayed silent through Tory Lanez' delivery of the song's hook. When Tekashi's verse came through, there was still no comment. After cutting the track, Angela presents the Kanye West-featured "KANGA." The radio personalities let 6ix9ine's Fat Man Scoop-like vocals bust through the speakers until Ye's voice appeared. That's when DJ Envy decided to say he wasn't feeling it: "I don't know about this one." Charlamagne tha God agreed: "Fart on this record please. You know, a little bit of ass gas. You can fart on that album one more time for good measure." No constructive criticism was offered.

Later, Charlamagne tha God tells Angela why he thinks the "STOOPID" rapper's laywer is worried about the news of a confidential informant participating in building a case against his client. 

"Have you ever seen Tekashi on Instagram? [...] Have you ever seen Tekashi on IG Live? We all know how reckless Tekashi talks, so imagine how he talks when he's not online. And imagine if all of this stuff was recorded."

Soon after, he laughs, "FBI can tap my phone all day long. There is nothing on my phone to be incriminated [sic]."