During a recent Breakfast Club interview, King Boat found himself on the defensive after receiving a scathing comment from Charlamagne. "You are the poster child for wack rappers," says Tha God. "If they want to say somebody's wack, they say you." The comment clearly caught Yachty off guard, prompting an incredulous response from the "Broccoli" rapper. 

Charlamagne goes on to explain that Yachty took the mantle from Trinidad James, which seems to add a further layer of insult to injury. "Just to sit here and hear you put me in Trinidad James' spot of the shine of being terrible, I don't think I'ma claim that," responds Yachty. DJ Envy jumps to Yachty's defense, proclaiming that "the youth love him," but Charlamagne seems unconvinced.

Yachty closes the discourse by proclaiming himself a "father figure" to the new rappers, a statement with which Charlamagne can agree. In other news, Yachty's "Broccoli" just went 5x platinum. This portion of the interview occurs around the 16:30 mark.