Most mythologies tend to stand united on one single front: sometimes it's best not to provoke the ire of the gods. Rolling Stone might be learning that fact the hard way, as Breakfast Club host slash Black Privilege author Charlamagne Tha God is currently threatening to hit them with a defamation lawsuit. 

TMZ reports that Charlamagne's pissed about the magazine's July 31st article, which was initially headlined as ""Janet Mock on Charlamagne Tha God's Transphobic Comments." As you can see, many people would have undoubtedly been intrigued by such a headline. The problem, however, is that Charlamagne never once made a transphobic comment on his show. The publication was actually misidentifying the quote from comedian Lil Duval, who spoke openly about the fatal consequences that would occur if a transgender woman ever deceived him. Comments by which he stood by, unapologetic.

As Rolling Stone went ahead with the article anyway, Charlamagne's name was falsely dragged through the mud. In reality, Tha God and his co-hosts told Duval his comments were actually close to hate speech, referring to his reaction as a "hate crime." However, Trans rights groups ultimately went on to protest Charlamagne at Politicon, where he spoke to promote his book. 

Now, Charlamagne is demanding that Rolling Stone issue an apology, lest he hit them with a defamation suit. Watch the interview that started it all below.