All the conspiracy theorists out there, get ready because your mind is about to be blown. The conspiracies about Gucci Mane being a clone can take to the sideline because there is a new rap conspiracy that people are going crazy over. Could Soulja Boy actually be the second coming of Jesus Christ? The idea seems ridiculous but Andrew on the Brilliant Idiots podcast seems to have found some hard evidence. 

After his appearance on The Breakfast Club, Charlamagne tha God brought his Soulja Boy conversation over to his podcast where his co-host had some pretty crazy realizations. At first, he questioned Charla over the origins of Soulja's name. Soul-Jah. As in Jah, the short form of God's proper name in the Hebrew Bible. That ended up getting Charlamagne out of his seat, dropping his jaw to the ground. Next came the biggest revelation. Andrew asked, "When Christ is up there on the cross, what position is he in?" They both proceed to do the "Youuu" dance move from "Crank That" in unison. At this point, Charlamagne is on the floor as he simply can't contain himself. He yelled, "This whole time we've been waiting for Jesus to come back... He been here! He was right there in motherfucking Colly Park! He was right there in fucking Compton!"

Could it all be true? Who knows? The one thing that is apparent is that Soulja Boy is taking his 2018 comeback effort into this year with plans to take over the entire world.