For those that are used to a certain lifestyle, being under quarantine is a struggle. People who are accustomed to going out to barber shops, salons, nail shops, or visit estheticians are finding that maintaining their upkeep is a challenge on their own. Angela Rye shared her woes on Instagram Live as she recorded herself attempting to do her nails. She was vigorously filing down her acrylic nail that broke as her other fingertips were wrapped in foil.

Angela Rye Felicia Friday
Paras Griffin / Stringer / Getty Images

At one point, Angela stopped to show her viewing audience that the ferocious filing wasn't putting a dent into her chipped nail. In the clip, Angela Rye is seen wearing her around-the-house clothes sans makeup with her hair tied in a messy top bun. It's a normal look for all of us now that we don't have any place to go, but Charlamagne Tha God used the opportunity to send a playful jab to the attorney-business mogul.

After the snippet of Angela's Live was shared to The Shade Room, Charlamagne couldn't help but draw a comparison to a certain movie moocher. "It’s really dope to see how far Felicia from Friday has come.....🙏🏿," Charlamagne Tha God joked in the comments. Coincidentally, the actress who portrayed "Felicia" in the Friday flick is also named Angela [Means]. Check out Angela Rye and clips from Felicia in Friday below.