Last night, Black Privilege author Charlamagne The God stopped by The Late Show With Stephen Colbert for some politics as usual. After Charlamagne proudly ponders how he can be "blacker" with each passing day, Colbert admits that he is undeniably "really white." In fact, as he explains it, his DNA test was one big pie chart encompassed one category: "WHITE." With the obligatory jokes aside, the conversation eventually shifts to a serious, yet inevitable topic. Donald Trump, whose presence perpetually looms over many a media host and pundit. When Colbert asks Charlamagne how the country seems to be doing under a Trump presidency, Charlamagne's shares an interesting theory.

"It's almost like Kris Jenner is orchestrating this whole thing," says Tha God. "If you want to look on the bright side, at least you've always got content. It's always entertaining...I can't tell if we're in a reality show or if this is real life. I really don't know." Despite his clear comedic deflection, Charlamagne reveals yet another silver lining to the Trump era. "I feel like people are realizing that we gotta depend more on each other. All the good people are cliquing up, and all the bad people are cliquing up. They don't realize that after two years, things are going to go back to normal, but they don't realize we can see you now."

He also believes that Trump's presidency may have been more beneficial for women than Hilary Clinton's presidency, as Trump's nature actually went on to spur change and rebellion with movements like Me Too and Time's Up. For more from The God, be sure to catch the full video below.