Charlamagne Tha God was spotted in New York this weekend and spoke on the correlation between mental health and violence in America, detailing just how he thinks that attending therapy could help lower the crime rate. TMZ asked C Tha God plain and simple, if rappers went to therapy, would there be less violence in the hip-hop world?

Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images 

"Not even in these industries but if more people took care of their mental health there would be a decline in violence throughout America," he told the publication. "Regardless if it's in the hood or if it's mass shootings - all it is is a bunch of people redistributing pain. They haven't dealt with their trauma, they haven't dealt with their hurt."

C Tha God further detailed how the pain will just be a constant cycle that continues in the hood or outside of it if people don't get the help they need. "Everybody gotta go deal with their hurt and deal with their traumas," he added. 

The topic of conversation comes just days after YG paid a visit to The Breakfast Club and admitted that crying isn't for him. The "Go Loko" rapper admitted that he was sad when his right-hand man Nipsey Hussle passed, but tears just aren't his thing.