Charlamagne Tha God is totally unimpressed with ESPN. The news of Jemele Hill's departure from the network is upsetting to many, including the radio host.

He took to Instagram to share his two cents on the matter. Charlamagne first addressed ESPN's lack of diversity and right-leaning politics. His caption explains how Jemele's race and gender were definitely factors in the ultimate outcome in his opinion.

“Gutless” is the right word to describe @espn and all these networks who have culturally clueless, corporate executives, who are really just a bunch of sneaky Trump supporters and they can’t have anyone telling the truth about their guy. Jemele simply doesn’t have the complexion for the protection and we not even going to discuss the role gender plays in this because I guarantee it’s a Caucasian with or without a penis at ESPN right now who’s said or done something way worse but they not getting pushed out."

Still, Charlamagne isn't worried about Hill's future success considering her obvious talent. He also isn't worried about the haters.

"Now watch all the MAGA people spread HEAVY Hellman’s Hate Speech all through my comments but I don’t give a shit because I’m laying here on the couch watching Bubbleguppies with my daughters and I’m not going back and forth with you Mayonnaise flavored niggas.....have a blessed day."

Jemele Hill had been suspended last year for sharing her personal political convictions on Twitter.