We are currently in a climate where people are feeling more comfortable with expressing how they have undergone certain procedures to enhance their receding hairlines. Kudos to such acts like Tory Lanez and Tyga who have been so open about their cosmetic touchups. "At the end of the day ... I don’t know about Soulja or Tyga .... but my HAIRLINE most def made the BIGGEST come back of 2018 . And that’s factual," Tory previously tweeted

For acts such as Jamie Foxx - who has yet to publically announce his truth - just know there are people who get it. 

The latest to speak publically about their hairline is none other than Charlamagne Tha God, who has taken to Instagram to ask his follower's opinion on just which route he should take. "Some of y’all thinking about getting a new car for the summer I’m thinking about getting a new hairline. If I get my edges restored what hairstyle should I get?? Reply with a number. 1-6. Let’s discuss," he captioned his post.

The series of images show familiar hairstyles from The Weeknd, OBJ, Usher and more. We think it's safe to say C Tha God may be joking, but hey, live your best hair life.