Since Kanye West shared the numerous release dates for his G.O.O.D. music crew, Charlamagne Tha God has been the man on the sideline telling us that Kanye is truly making dope shit. He previously stated that Kanye's new music is "similar to, like, ‘socially conscious’ Ye—‘message’ Ye,” and he's talking about "real shit.”

It seems as though C Tha God may think Kanye's music is sick, but not his tweets and posters reading "2014" that hint at a possible presidential run. TMZ caught up with Charlamagne and asked the man straight up if he would vote for Yeezy. "No," he answered abruptly. "I don't think we need any celebrity-in-chiefs, at all. I think Kanye is a very intelligent smart guy and I think Kanye can actually do more not being in government." 

C Tha God explains how Kanye is "his own head of state" and influences the culture more than any political head could. As for Kanye's tweet about waiting to get $100 million for an interview, Charlamagne says he doesn't know anything about that.

Watch the full video below.