Wednesday was a day that marked two major events -- the impeachment of Donald J. Trump and 6ix9ine's sentencing. The rapper will be sitting in jail for a few more months but is expected to come back to the public in the summer of 2020, according to his lawyer. Just days before 6ix9ine was hit with a 24-month prison sentence, the Internet did what it does best, digging up old footage of Charlamagne Tha God vowing to "suck his dick" if 6ix9ine beat the case, adding that the rapper wouldn't have to ask him either.

Now, 6ix9ine did not beat the case, despite whatever technicalities people are going by on the Internet. His cooperation with the feds resulted in sentencing with only one of the charges being dropped. On the Brilliant Idiot podcast, Charlamagne Tha God addressed his oath to suck 6ix9ine off off the rip. "It was a sure bet, baby," Charlamagne told Andrew Schultz. "Listen, I would never use that kind of hyperbole if I didn't think it was a sure bet," Charlamagne continued. 

"It's all hyperbole. So that's what I was using to let people know that there was no way in hell 6ix9ine was beating this case," Charlamagne said before Andrew Schultz chimed in to assure his co-host that he didn't have any responsibility to perform fellatio on 6ix9ine. "You got these idiots on social media will say things now like, 'Oh, well, he only got 24 months. Technically that's beating the case.' No, it's fucking not... I don't care if it was 24 months or two days, you got sentenced."

Peep the clip below.