Colin Kaepernick's decision to kneel during the National Anthem has ultimately become one of the definitive moments in recent political memory. So much so that even those adverse to the NFL have come to know Kaepernick's name and story. Despite the fact that his moment of protest basically went on to cost him his professional career, Kaep's iconic kneel has garnered him a variety of high-profile supporters. Naturally, the divisive nature of his protest has also brought him no shortage of opposition, particularly from the talking heads over at Fox Sports . 

It would appear that Fox Sports One aired a graphic on one of their segments, depicting an Avengers-esque squad called "The Caper-Nicks." The roster includes many prominent faces, including Charlamagne Tha God, T.I, Jemele Hill, and Desus & Mero, all standing in solidarity alongside Kaep. The "Caper-Nicks" originally came to power last summer, when reporter Jason Whitlock took aim at Kaepernick's supporters; now, he has since updated the graphic to include both Hill and Tip. The update has once again caught the attention of Uncle Charla, who took to Instagram to actually praise its latest direction.

"Ok Fox Sports One I know this is supposed to offend me but I really think this graphic is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥," writes Charlamagne. "The fact they added my folks @jemelehill and @troubleman31 to it just makes me want to get it framed for the crib." Somehow, Charlamagne's haters can never land the coveted last laugh. What do ya'll think - is it boycott NFL, or business as usual?