Birdman's been trending heavily thanks to his unintentionally-hilarious "interview" with The Breakfast Club. As you should know by now, the Cash Money head honcho appeared on The Breakfast Club for all of two minutes, simply to tell "all tree of y'all" (Angela, Charlamagne and Envy) to put some "respek on my name." He dipped pretty quickly after that, inspiring loads of memes (this one is by far my favorite though) and other funny shit.

Some artists sided with Birdman in the whole debacle, and some with The Breakfast Club. Young Thug came to the defense of Baby, and threatened Charlamagne in so doing. During The Breakfast Club episode yesterday, the trio responded to Thugga's threats while discussing the past weekend's topics. 

Charlamagne said, "It was a great weekend to be in the house. Who wants to be out in the streets...Plus who wants to go out in the streets when you got Young Thug out here saying he wants to torture me!"

DJ Envy interjected, "But what does torture mean?" Charlamagne replied, "I don't know and I don't want to know. All I'm thinking is blunts and penises. And I don't want no problem."

Listen below, Charlamagne also calls out Makonnen, saying he needs to get hot again to appear on The Breakfast Club.