In December 2019, federal authorities searched Lil Wayne's private plane and allegedly located drugs and a firearm. A year later, Wayne pleaded guilty to the charges and was awaiting sentencing, but earlier this week, he scored a lucky break after former President Donald Trump pardoned him during his last hours in office. Charlamagne Tha God spoke about the pardons on his Brilliant Idiots and said he doesn't blame Wayne for making moves with Trump to rid himself of those legal issues.

"Y'all gotta face the judge now. Y'all shoulda got in on that train early," said Charlamagne. "I'm not mad at Wayne. I don't judge people for what they do when they're just trying to survive. I think that it's very easy to say what you wouldn't do in that situation, but Lil Wayne is a multi-millionaire, he's got five kids, he's been in jail before, he's facing 10 years, this is his second gun charge. Like, c'mon."

Charlamagne added that Weezy's charges weren't necessarily criminal. His co-hosts were a bit more critical as they mentioned Lil Wayne's comments about the Black Lives Matter movement and racism in America. After The Neighborhood Talk shared the clip from Charlamagne's podcast, the host jumped in the comments to further explain his thoughts on both Wayne and Kodak Black.

"Didn’t neither one of them snitch to save themselves, they didn’t set anyone up to save themselves, they didn’t get anyone killed to save themselves," he wrote. "They just politicked with someone who’s politics people don’t agree with. I’m happy for a lot of folks the celebrity in chief pardoned especially non violent drug offenders who got life and astronomical numbers for weed when that shit is legal now medicinally or recreationally throughout the majority of the country." Swipe below to watch the video.