Charlamagne tha God has been known to ask tough questions. Tuesday morning, he gave one of the toughest interviews of his career when Beanie Sigel stopped by "The Breakfast Club" to discuss his role on Meek Mill's diss track at The Game and his subsequent fallout with Meek.

"You're sounding like a hater lately," Charlamagne began.

Sigel replied that Charlamagne isn't familiar with the particulars of Sigel's beef with Meek and thus is not qualified to ask questions about it, or call him a hater.

Charlamagne doubled down, calling the situation "shaky" after Sigel explained that helped Meek because he wanted to help his city. "It just seemed like loyalty with you lies with who is providing you opportunity at the time," Charlamagne said.

"Get the fuck out of here, Charlamagne," Sigel fired back.

Sigel later addressed a video clip that showed him getting punched out by a member of Meek's crew.

"The situation sticky because it's close. It ain't like it was one of Meek's goons, it's like this is family," he said. "It ain't about Meek, it's because he's from Philadelphia. That's why. He represent Philadelphia. He's the voice for Philly right now... He's like a target because he's a young fly nigga with a bad chick, regardless if he's real, if it's facade, who cares?"

The interview ended on a sour note. "Stop running your fucking mouth," Sigel told Charlamagne. "It's dangerous. You talking about someone who went to war with police. It's dangerous. Attempted murders, at the height of my career. You don't know nothing about that. You sit up here and your job is to play game. Don't play with me."

Charlamagne clapped in response. Listen to the full interview below.