While Donkey Of The Day is a dubious honor to hold, it occasionally allows for a moment of reflection. Today, Charlamagne The God pinned the label on Kodak Black, over his controversial comments about Lauren London. Yet rather than doling out ass-gas in Kodak's general direction, he instead uses the moment to drop some reflective wisdom about the situation and the public's hot-headed response.

To be fair, Charlamagne does preface his explanation with a disclaimer of sorts. "I'm reluctantly discussing because I feel like I'm feeding the troll by even talking about this, and I'm confused about what pisses people off these days. Because I've watched Kodak Black disrespect dark skinned women, disrespect Young M.A. so the outrage over the comments he made about Lauren London seems a little odd to me." Of course, Charlamagne acknowledges that the circumstances are different, given that Nipsey's murder cast a somber shadow over the game at large.

Upon queuing up the original comments, in which Kodak referred to Lauren London as a "whole widow out here," while plotting on shooting his shot in the coming years, Charlamagne acknowledges the harsh reality of it all: many men will plot on moving in on a girl the minute her man is incapacitated, dead, or jailed. "This isn't about what's right," continues Tha God. "It's about what's popular. There's not a more popular topic in hip-hop, in the world right now than Nipsey Hussle right now." 

Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images

Eventually, Charla turns to T.I. and The Game's responses, claiming they may have been better off reaching out to Kodak directly. "Social media is like high school," he states. "It's a bunch of people amping up a situation, and you already know men got fragile egos, and that toxic masculinity leads brothas to feel like they have to prove themselves, and that's exactly what we don't want or need right now. It's so hypocritical for people to mourn Nipsey Hussle cause he was tragically murdered, but then wish death on Kodak...Kodak just needs to be checked, and social media to me, is not the place to check him." 

The vicious cycle continues as Kodak answered his challengers with a challenge of his own, prompting Charlamagne to reflect further. "Now Kodak Black has been banned from radio stations in LA, here's the thing, we gotta stop with this selective morality...You're not mad at Kodak for disrespecting Lauren, you're mad at Kodak for disrespecting Nipsey. Where is all this outrage when women are being disrespected period?"

The OGs need to know the youth learn from them whether directly or indirectly," he continues. "The Game checked Kodak, but didn't earlier this year The Game put out a song talking about smashing people's wives? Don't you think it's hypocritical for checking somebody for talking about getting with someone's wife? Just cause you don't like Kanye or Joe Budden doesn't mean it's cool for Game to rap about smashing their wives."

Check out Charlamagne's reflections now, including a well-placed soundbite from one of Nipsey's own interviews, and sound off below. Is Charlamagne speaking wisdom?