In the wake of an informative Breakfast Club interview with Senator Bernie Sanders, Charlamagne Tha God has found himself ruffling a few feathers over at political publication The Hill. The Hill seemed to take issue with one particular question, which went down when Charlamagne said the following: "44 out of 45 Presidents of this country have been white men. Do you think we need another one?" While Bernie fielded the question like a champ, responding with a resounding "I think you need this one," it would appear that the folks over at The Hill aren't as amused. 

The publication essentially called out Charlamagne, brushing him off as a "black radio host," neglecting to use his moniker or even his given name.Tha God wasted little time in clapping back via his own IG, highlighting the initial tweet. "I am indeed a 97% West African, Geechie, BLACK AS FUCK Radio Host but tell @thehill put some respeck on my radio name. I bet if I committed a crime they would be calling me LENARD."

A link to The Hill's post seems to highlight Charlamagne's question as problematic, centering their piece around Tha God's pointed inquiry. While it's unsurprising that Charla's rhetoric is intense to some, the fact remains that respect should indeed be put on the man's name. Charlamagne is an icon out here, and without him, the hip-hop radio game would be a different landscape altogether.