The interview that caused a divide between Charlamagne Tha God and Angela Yee is being discussed once again. It was in October 2019 when Charlamagne sat down with Gucci Mane, and during the conversation, the rapper had a few scathing insults about Yee. Following the interview, Angela Yee was upset that her The Breakfast Club co-host didn't defend her honor, and she publicly stated in multiple interviews that she was no longer friends with Charlamagne Tha God.

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Charlamagne was questioned about the controversy and asked to share his thoughts about his relationship with Yee. "I can definitely see why Angela Yee would feel that way," Charlamange admitted. "It's nuance to everything. For me, as a radio personality, I don't feel like you should be responsible for something  that somebody else says in an interview... Gucci said that. That's the way he felt because he was responding to something me and Angela did on the radio. I'm like, damn, that's f*cked up, but he has a right to feel that way. That's like Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith being mad at Angela Yee because she interviewed August Alsina and August said what he said about the whole entanglement thing. I just don't think that as a personality, I should be held responsible for that."

"The nuance of it is, me and Angela Yee have worked together for almost ten years. If me and Angela Yee weren't necessarily on the best of terms I could see why she would feel [like] I'm not her friend. I literally just apologized to Angela Yee for that. Like, literally yesterday." Charlamagne said he hadn't' seen Angela in months due to the pandemic, but it gave him time to reflect.

"I got genuine love for [Angela Yee and DJ Envy] because we created something historic. We built something historic," he continued. "The Breakfast Club is literally going into the Radio Hall of Fame… Whether we are co-workers or friends, we're bonded together forever." Charlamagne also said that he knows people can sense the tension on The Breakfast Club, but he believes "it’s petty" for them to continue on this way. Watch his clip below.