It's been a while since we heard from Quantasia Sharpton. Last time we heard from her was in October after she tried to bring another woman into her case against Usher which was unsuccessful. Sharpton's whole legal battle against Usher led to to the headlines and while it seems like the general public hasn't really bought her case, she's still managed to make headlines regardless. Most recently, she fired shots at Charlamagne tha God and Jermaine Dupri for fat-shaming.

Quantasia Sharpton dropped off a lengthy Instagram caption under a snippet of Jermaine Dupri's recent interview on the Breakfast Club where he chimed in on Usher's whole scenario with Quantasia. Dupri said that because of Sharpton's weight, it's highly unlikely that Usher was involved in any sort of sexual activity with her. He also mentioned that Usher's also denied this happened in conversations with him. Well, Sharpton hit Instagram with a lengthy response to Dupri and Charlamagne's fat-shaming comments.

"Okay so this will be the last time that I address any of this shit cause quite frankly I’m tired of it. For one imma start off by saying that I have a fucking name. It’s Quantasia Sharpton, you ALL fucking know it. It’s not “fat girl, big girl, herpes accuser” none of the sorts. Address me by my name or don’t address or speak on me AT ALL," she wrote in the caption.

She initially went off on Charlamagne the God by calling him "Charmaine The Goddess" and later comparing his skin to Michael Jackson and Sammy Sosa. Afterwards, she went off on Dupri by telling him not to use people's weight as a joke and later mentioning that Drake, Jamie Foxx and Bill Clinton were also fans of voluptuous women. 

"Just because you too insecure as a man and your dick isn’t big enough to handle all of our cushions doesn’t mean we have to settle for the regular randoms down the street," she wrote, "Fuck you Jermaine for ever thinking that there’s “no way possible” but you know what you should know right, y’all all fuck each other anyways."

Check the post below.