After headlines surfaced claiming that Charlamagne actually "raped" his wife during their first sexual encounter, the radio personality and author took to the airwaves to clarify his perspective. Admitting that they first had sex while being "super young and super super drunk," Charla wondered whether his wife felt the encounter was indeed consensual. He details talking to her about the subject and eventually, Envy decides to call her up to speak for herself. 

Mrs. Charlamagne proceeds to give her take on the encounter, confirming that it was indeed consensual; she even ends up giving a few too many details for Charlamagne's liking. In a more lighthearted moment, it's actually revealed that Charla and his wife waited an entire year before kissing. One has to admire the dedication. After doing her part in clearing her husband's name, Charlamagne opens the floor for a greater discussion on rape culture, posing the question on whether or not "drunk sex" can be labelled consensual.

Angela Yee weighs in with her perspective, essentially saying that an already established rapport goes a long way in establishing a respectful boundary. "If there is any question, if you feel they are in any way not in their right mind, just walk away," says Yee. "If there is any question at all, don't do it."

Peep the whole interview below, including more thoughts from Charlamagne Tha God himself.