From HipHopDX, Power 105's Charlamagne Tha God and Busta Rhymes got into a heated exchange at the BET Awards.  This morning while on The Breakfast Club, Charlamagne said that the tension between the two stems back several years.  The radio personality says that Busta was upset over comments Charlamagne made about Bus-A-Buss' music several years ago while on The Wendy Williams Show.  

Charlamagne refutes he said anything then about Busta's music, but would be happy to discuss his current music. “If you want me to talk about your music being wack in 2012, let’s talk about that,” Charlamagne said. “He goes, ‘You need to stop acting like a tough guy.’ I said, ‘Busta, you need to stop acting like a tough guy before it gets crazy in here.’ So he told me to put my drink down.”

The two never actually came to blows as Charlamagne left with Angela Yee before things got too out of hand.  

When reached for an interview Busta says his pride was on the line "As a man, if there’s an issue, I’ll discuss it. And that’s it,” said Busta. “I’m not out here trying to hype things on these platforms and social networks and act like something that I’m not. I’m not no gangsta, I’m not no tough guy, I’m just a man, and I live by certain morals and I live by certain principals and if they get compromised, we’re going to have to have a discussion. It’s as simple as that.”