When Chanel West Coast was denied entry into a Los Angeles club on Monday, she lost her mind. In the video we posted, you see the rapper screaming at the bouncers saying, "Security loves to hold down whoever the fuck they can because they insecure about their own life, wish you could be a little white girl rapping, bitch. You wish you could spit bars like me."

TMZ was the publication that got the whole encounter on camera and as a way to explain herself, she's joined forces with the media outlet to tell everyone what really happened, why she freaked out and even throws a jab at Bhad Bhabie. For some reason, she wanted to share her words while in a bathtub...Watch below.

"I'm just, like, I'm just very over the whole superficial life and world we live in," Chanel says in the video. "I went to the club, I had just finished my gig at the Peppermint Club, came with a group of my friends, my very close friends, best friends, friends I would never ditch for anything. We went to Poppy, and a guy in the front basically whispered to me, like, 'Hey, bring your cutest friend [and] ditch the rest.' In my drunken state, I was like 'What?'"

She explains how she was offended that the bouncer would ask her to ditch her homies because "only a bad friend does that." She admits that she should have never said the defensive comments like calling the bouncer a "big ass motherfucker" who looks "like a motherfuckin' actor that died." 

Chanel then says that seeing the camera filming her made her want to want to get even more wild. "I'm gonna be honest too," she says. "I saw a camera guy filming and I was like, hey, maybe if I act a little crazier, I'll get some attention. Because at this point, I think that that's what this world has come down to. I think the only way to get attention is to act like a complete ignorant fool. You know, we've got Cash Me Ousside girls and people like that who act like complete fools and they get fame for it. I'll be honest, I put a little extra on it and just spiced it up a little just to hype it up and get some attention, because god forbid I get any attention for being the normal, hardworking, kind person I am."