The amount of attention that's been given to mental health in the last week alone has let many people in on the real and very common thoughts of people who struggle with their mental health. From Kanye West's many tweets to Pete Davidson's alarming note, the subject of mental health is on the map more than ever. 

Chance The Rapper's manager, Pat Corcoran, has chimed in to share his advice on the matter detailing some steps someone could take before they consider "mental illness drugs." According to Pat, one should try to "work out, meditate, breathe, drink more water, eat more fruit/veg, make ur bed, shower more, get more sun, get off ur phone, talk about ur feelings, stop drinking/using rec. drugs, give thanks, and realize ur loved."

Although Pat's message was meant to be shared with kindness, many people slammed him for seemingly suggesting that mental health is something that can be fixed so easily.

Pat sent out another tweet, clarifying his message. 

"There are so many people dying from mental illness. I don’t have the answers. I just want to share my feelings in case this helps someone," he wrote. "All the hate I get from this post makes me so depressed. I just want to help people. I hope we can all get the help we deserve."