Chance The Rapper's new project, Coloring Book, may be a 'mixtape' in that Apple Music users can download it for free, however streams are still being counted towards his 'sales' and thus, Chance will be appearing on the Billboard 200.

You'll recall that back in April, Kanye West made the news when The Life of Pablo debuted at #1 on Billboard, almost entirely composed of streaming numbers (few people managed to download it off Kanye West's website before the download was removed)-- Chance is basically doing a similar feat, except this time it truly is off streaming numbers alone. Thus, Chance is making history here.

HitsDailyDouble reports that Chance's Coloring Book did 40,000-50,000 off streaming alone, which is enough for it make a top 10 debut on the 200. We'll keep you posted when we know exactly what position he's debuting at.

[via HHNM]