Back in June, TMZ shared leaked footage of Chance the Rapper giving a stab at stand-up at Chicago's Laugh Factory. Of course, everyone was curious to check out Chance's comedic chops but many were disappointed after clicking on the clip. The video started circulating with the headline that he told fart jokes, which he did. For example: "White people know me as the guy who does stuff for schools. What do I do for schools? Nobody knows what I do for schools. I'll tell you what I do...I go to all your kid's schools and I fart in their desks. I wait for the weekend to be over, see if it's still stale in there." 

However, it appears the Internet's negative feedback on his debut did not deter him from his comedy dreams. On Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night, Chance shared that he is still intent on pursuing a stand-up career when he has a chance. But at the moment, he is even struggling to juggle tour life and family time, as he just postponed his The Big Day tour in order to spend time with his new daughter. Perhaps we shouldn't be too harsh on Chance's comedic capabilities because he did reveal to Kimmel that he was "wasted" that night at the Laugh Factory, which could possibly account for why he was off his game. 

In the interview, Chance also detailed his father's writing credit on his latest album