There is a soft buzz in the Twitterverse after Andrew Barber and Ebro told the internet about a new collaboration in the works. The players in question are church boy Chance The Rapper, pretty boy Vic Mensa and soft rough boy Valee, who is said to be potentially working on a collaborative album with the infamous Ye. Those qualifiers are obviously debatable. They still represent the unicity of each artist's brand.

The "Chance The Rapper/Vic Mensa" combo is nothing new, given their being part of the SaveMoney crew. The two artists have been rolling together since 2013. We have also seen Vic jam with Valee on "Dim Sum" back in March. You'll notice Chance making a quick appearance in the video. This might be the last time we've seen the three artists together in an official production. Since they all hail from Chicago, the city will be repped pretty hard if the record charts. The combination is set to throw some freshness onto the scene, hopefully in time for the summer.

There is yet to be an announcement of a release date for this record. Before you start speculating about the details of the collab, peep the last time we caught up with Vic. He breaks down the lyrics to his G-Eazy featured track "Reverse" on HNHH's Between the Lines.