It's been a minute since we've received a solo album by Chance the Rapper. With Kanye West apparently alluding to his desire to create 52 projects in 52 weeks, it begs a question of if we'll be receiving a Ye-produced Chance album. It's been suggested in the past by Francis & The Lights, a frequent collaborator to both, stating that the two Chicagoans could be cooking something up. While it may not be part of the original "surgical summer" run, Chance is set to discuss his upcoming musical plans with Peter Rosenberg in an extended interview tonight, which will confirm whether or not Yeezy is working on the next 7-song album.

In a teaser to the upcoming episode of Complex's Open Late show with Peter Rosenberg, the host sits down with Chance the Rapper to have an intimate chat. Asking Chano if the rumors of a Kanye-produced album are factual, it seems we won't have to wait long to receive answers as the episode airs tonight at 10 PM. That gives everybody about 2 hours to fully take in the news before Scorpion season is fully upon us so we will be able to partially focus attention on the possible announcement.

After the success of 2016's Coloring Book and his subsequent tour, Chance has a lot of momentum on his side. One of the more unique voices in the business, a Kanye-Chance collaborative project would be a welcome sight for many fans.