There any many people on this planet who count themselves among those who envy Drake's lifestyle. The jet-setting Canadian rapper is known for his late-night outings to the finest restaurant or the trendiest club in whatever city he finds himself in, always being seen dressed in the latest fashions. More than that, though, is his fun-loving persona that becomes infectious for whomever is lucky enough to catch a glimpse of it, either in real life or on social media. In short, Drake looks like a guy who knows how to have a good time, but don't take our word for it - turns out Chance the Rapper has a theory that is much along those same lines. 

Chance took to his official Twitter account to speak his mind about the fact that, in general, Drake seems like he's a great hang. "I can’t be the only person who wakes up wishing he could hang out with Drake more," he remarked. "The guy looks like all he does is have a good time." The logic can't really be faulted, especially when you had the ladies man factor into the mix. There's the ongoing rumor that he and Bella Hadid have struck up a romance that has transpired mostly in secret, but it may be just a fling and nothing more, seeing as The Weeknd was seen exiting her apartment in NYC not long ago.

Whatever the case may be, many a Twitter user showed up to comment on Chance's thoughts concerning a Drake chill session that he's clearly angling for, with at least one person coming forward with the obligatory Illuminati response. Check out some of the reaction below.

Chance the Rapper is about to get on Drake's level where Saturday Night Live is concerned though, with the Coloring Book rapper taking the reigns as host of the upcoming November 18th episode of the show. Eminem will also be making his much-anticipated return to the SNL stage as the musical guest, where he'll presumably be performing his latest track, "Walk on Water."