After a frustrating meeting with the Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner, Chance The Rapper donated $1 million from his own pocket to Chicago public schools. Three students -- Annelisse Betancourt, Alondra Cerros and Alex Rojas -- wrote him a letter thanking him for his generosity and for being such a role model for Chicagoans.

"In Chicago, a person is shot every 2 hours and 48 minutes. A person is murdered every 14 hours and 27 minutes, and you helped stop gun violence in Chicago for 42 hours with the help of your Twitter account and various Chicago radio stations. Even though this was three years ago, the fact you had such a tremendous impact on Chicago shows how much the people of this city look up to you.," they wrote.

In return, Lil Chano sent them a thank you message on Twitter and promised more to come.

The students' letter adds that the Coloring Book emcee has inspired others celebrities such as Derrick Rose to donate to CPS. When Chance met with the Illinois Governor, the latter asked him where they would find the funds to improve Chicago's educational system.