Chance The Rapper Talks With Dockers

Philip Cheek
March 30, 2014 13:00

Chance talks fashion, music, and just living life with Dockers, doling out some meaty branded content.

You may not think of Dockers as the pinnacle of urban fashion, per se, but Chance sits down with them to talk about life, music and fashion. 

"It's not necessary about being fashionable as it is about the aesthetic as a whole," Chance says. Considering how fans have gravitated towards last year's breakout artist, we'd say that this quote holds true in numerous aspects of his artistry."

That's Chance expounding upon his take on fashion, which oddly parallels his meticulous approach to his music as well. Either way, Chance is one well-spoken emcee both on and off the mic. 

Check out the full interview and tell us what you think!

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