Before he took the stage at Governor’s Ball Friday night in NYC, Chance The Rapper made his way by the Hot 97 studios & chopped it up with the good folks at Ebro In The Morning.

Sitting down for nearly 50-minutes, the Grammy-award winning Chicago rapper discussed a numbers of things, including his bold statement on “The View” that Lebron is the G.O.A.T., his younger brother coming out as bi-sexual, politics, the power of social media, relationship with Obama, working with Kanye West on Life Of Pablo, & whole lot more.

While touching on his brother coming out, Chance said he was on a family vacation when the news surfaced, and that he & his brother didn’t talk about it until after he revealed it.

“We honestly didn’t talk about it until after he put it out on Twitter,” Chance said. “So that’s one of, I think, the coolest parts about the advancements of social media…we have the closest bond I have with anybody on this earth just because he’s my brother. We’re the same dude, we do all the same things.”

Later, Chano talked about working with Kanye West on his Life Of Pablo album, saying he was in the studio for all the credits he worked on. Chano even said he advocated for leaving the controversial line “bleached asshole” on “Father Stretch My Hands Pt. 1” as well. Chance also added that he doesn’t care about Kanye’s political stance, and that he won’t let Kanye’s relationship with Trump theirs.

“The last time I saw Kanye West, my daughter was hanging out with his son,” Chance said. “I don't care about his political affiliations; I wouldn't bring up Donald Trump. The 'bleached asshole' I do care about, and I pushed for it.”

Watch all this & much more in the lengthy & informative interview.