As reported, Joe Budden had Chance the Rapper as the rare guest on his eponymously-named podcast. While he marked the occasion by calling a truce over past hiccups, that didn't prevent Joe from going straight for matters close to Chance's heart, namely his association with Kanye West.

Joe Budden asked him quite frankly about his thoughts on Kanye mixing and matching the MAGA hat with a Kaepernick jersey: "It seems like it totally contradicts everything you stand for," said Budden.

Chance agreed in theory with what Budden's estimation of his predetermined values, but offer this as an objective response:

"I think Kanye has said it before, but I think he thinks like for every move, at least for the past few albums, he thinks about himself like 300 years in the future and how people will read things, and figures himself as trying to create a bigger blip on the long timeline where a lot of other people will be stuck in like a very small space of like where their art reaches or where their thoughts reach after they’ve died," Chance said, in regards to some of Kanye's more incomprehensible statements.

He later added: "And I think he does a lot of stuff for the attention of the masses, to get that stuff documented and made into history. But I think also a lot of times, the attention that he may be seeking is at the immediate detriment of some people that may need that attention more."

In summary, it does feel as though Chance the Rapper would have it no other way. If he's to answer a question he'll take his time covering the spread, especially the nuances. Although he doesn't condone what Kanye is sometimes saying, he seems willing to acknowledge his predecessor as someone that views the World on a grander scale. As for criticism, Chance does see how Kanye's call for attention can quickly become a negative.