While many musicians end up in Los Angeles or New York City for their careers, Chance the Rapper has stuck to his Chicago roots. The rapper continuously shows face around the city, whether it's in public schools or at his own events that he hosts for the kids. Most recently, Chance decided to take on another job for the day in his hometown.

Chance The Rapper went to WGN News network in Chicago today as he took on the role of today's weather anchor. The Chicago emcee took on the role during their 15th annual WGN Morning News Toy Drive. As he made his way on the set, WGN's regular weatherman, Paul Konrad, gave Chance a few tips on navigating his way through forecasting the weather.

"I've been doing this for 20 years. All you have to do is really just smile, be relatively sexy, just read some numbers and you're good to go!" he told Chance.

Chance took over the weather portion where he forecast the chilly Chicago weather before cracking some jokes with the anchors. Later on, he put on an "invisibility cloak" of sorts that made him blend in with the projections on the screen. If he ends up taking a break from music, he definitely has a future as a news anchor.

Aside from his appearance on Chicago's WGN, Chance has been pretty busy with his SocialWorks organization. Most recently, he revealed that Google donated $1M to his organization in support of providing coding classes for public schools in the south and west sides of Chicago. 

Check a clip of his appearance below: