Recently Chance The Rapper was on the cover of Billboard magazine, alongside a couple of other Grammy hopefuls for 2016. The interview with the trio of artists, of course, touched on The Grammys and some of the challenges each individual faces. Chance shared his perspective as a black male, saying, "Colorism and racism don’t stop when you’re a musician or when you have wealth or when you’re in any given position. Kendrick [Lamar] going home Grammy-less [in 2014, when he was nominated in seven categories] was an awesome moment for people to recognize that it plagues us regardless of talent or skill."

It looks like Chance is doing more than just talking about the Grammys in order to get noticed. He's taken out a full-page ad in Billboard magazine, which finds him asking for Grammy consideration-- "Hey, why not me?" the ad reads, rather simply, but to the point. A Senior Editor at Billboard shared an image of it on twitter, which you can peep below if you don't have a copy of the magazine.

Chance went on twitter as well to tease a possible follow-up Grammy consideration ad. Do you think Grammys will heed his call?