A hugely anticipated episode of sketch comedy institution Saturday Night Live might give hip-hop fans a reason to stay on the biggest party night of the week. Chicago's own Chance the Rapper is serving as the host this coming Saturday and, perhaps more importantly for some, Eminem is making his return to the show as the musical guest. To give fans a bit of a teaser prior to the episode, which will air live on November 18th, Chano found himself the center of a very fun but odd video. Warning: awkward dance moves ahead.

In the clip, the well-known Chicago artist wonders aloud how he's going to be fully prepared for show, which is known for its last-second rewrites and tight production schedule. A cast member responds by saying that, sometimes, all you need to do to relieve some of the pressure of a hosting gig is to dance your heart out, which is precisely what Chance chooses to do. As other members of the SNL cast emerge from another corner of the show's offices, they join in on the fun, one by one. Kenan Thompson, the series' veteran, is the only one who appears to be largely unimpressed with the strategy.

Chance will be taking his first-ever turn as the show's host, having already served as the musical guest on multiple occasions. We'll see if he'll be able to stand out in an environment where the audience will be eagerly anticipating Eminem's allotted stage time. Chances are he'll perform his new single, "Walk On Water," in one of the two slots normally reserved for musical guest performances, but what the second track will be remains a mystery. Also, will he be participating in any of the night's comedy sketches? No one close to the show has revealed any details one way or the other.

Chance the Rapper was also recently making some noise for a good cause in his hometown, showing up at a Chicago city council meeting to voice his displeasure with the proposed plan for building a $95 million police academy while still refusing to fork over any more money for the public school system in the city's core. Check out all the details on that story here.