Kanye West has definitely been tweeting a lot more these past few months, but still, it's an event whenever he tweets. Recently he made a few tweets in regards to Chance The Rapper and his new mixtape Coloring Book, on which Ye is featured on the intro (returning the favor as Chance appeared on his TLOP intro).

Yeezus had some high praise for Chano, tweeting, "My brother Chance!!! Thank you for letting me work on this masterpiece. One of my favorite people," before adding later, "Chance too good. God level bars."

Chance has obviously seen the tweets, and in a response of sorts, he took to twitter to share some insight on his own relationship with Kanye, as both fan and artist. 

He wrote this afternoon, "It's crazy cause I feel like I met Kanye the first time I heard We Don't Care. Like he's been there for me since 2004. Kanye was there when I tried out for the talent show, the first time I knew a kid who passed away, the first time I got suspended. But still, every time I talk to him it feels foreign. I still get nervous and starstruck. I'm still surprised when he likes my ideas. Part of what makes this duality work is because he is by definition "One of A Kind". Therefore I've always known him and will never know him." He added, "I'm content with that."