Watch The Throne is one of those magical albums, monumental in scope, yet enjoyable across the board. Borne of a simpler era, where brothers Jay-Z and Kanye West stood united, the album became a fan favorite immediately upon release. Now, on the album's seven year anniversary, Chance The Rapper has taken to Twitter to voice his selections for "top three" tracks. Like a true hipster, the man actually included a bonus track in his top tier rankings, so make of that what you will. Regardless, the omission of introductory cut "No Church In The Wild" is alarming to say the least.

"Top 3 songs on WTT unquestionably," writes Chance: "Why I Love You, Gotta Have It, and The Joy." After being met with slight confusion, Chance took the opportunity to clarify that "The Joy's" status as a bonus track led to a decrease in listeners; in other words, "niche." Now, there's no denying that Chance's selections are fine and dandy, though how one can sleep at night citing "Murder To Excellence" as a mere honorable mention is a question for those wiser than myself.

In fact, the aforementioned "No Church," "N***as In Paris," and "Murder To Excellence" are all top three claimants in their own right; granted, that may be my personal opinion, and certainly up for debate. In honor of one of the game's favorite collaborative albums, why not sound off with your own three favorite WTT tracks?