In a recent GQ interview, Chance The Rapper spilled the beans on many things including himself and his views on the world around him. For one, the Chicago rapper said he's not afraid of Donald Trump. The new father said he models himself a lot after his own dad. And like his dad, he says that, he wants to be a good guy even though it might sound "like a lame thing."

"But the good guy, in what I’ve seen happen so far, the good usually wins," he said "That’s why I’m not afraid of a Trump presidency.”

In the interview, Chance opines that his music might be a game changer because it unites people instead of tearing them apart like Trump's election campaign tended to do. He said Trump motto never reached his fan base.

“‘Make America Great Again,’ that’s not a real thing because shit ain’t really switched up for them,” he says. “It’s not really going that bad for you. If you feel like you’re the under-represented, under-appreciated side of Middle America that is white—quote me—you need to, uh, toughen up, nigga! Somebody gotta punch you in the chest, because shit is sweet for you. You know what I’m saying? I would say to everybody, you know, the world is coming together.”

Trump will be sworn in as President in nine days.