Chance The Rapper's charity work in his hometown of Chicago inspired fans to encourage the emcee to run for mayor. A Chano 4 Mayor website and a Drake endorsement later, Chance is still sure the role isn't for him.

"I would never run for any office or government position," he told Ebony in his new cover story for the magazine. "I’m not into it. I think politics is a reason why a lot of stuff doesn’t get done. There’s a lot of favors, and a lot of people are held back by their intentions of being re-elected or the things that they owe their party or constituents. I think when you’re in my position as an artist, I can say what I want and talk about the issues that matter."

If Chance were to run for office, he wouldn't be the first politician in the family. His father, Ken Williams-Bennett, is the deputy chief of staff to Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

Just because he won't hold an official position, doesn't mean Chance can't continue to do good work for his city. In March, he donated $1 million to Chicago Public Schools.

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