It's always exciting when Chance the Rapper decides to share new music. It's not that frequent of an event but it's definitely something to look forward to. Last night, he went on Stephen Colbert's show to premiere an untitled new song featuring Toronto crooner Daniel Caesar. The song has been well received by many people but nobody is entirely sure where the song will end up. While we have yet to find out if Chance has another project on the way, he did take to Twitter to reveal the title of the song.

Chance The Rapper tweeted today that the song's called "First World Problems." Along with a video of the performance, he said "The song I did with @DanielCaesar has a title now. It's called #FirstWorldProblems". The song was performed with live instrumentation backing him. It's a thoughtful, calm song that has him addressing social issues, religion and fatherhood from his own perspective. The song shows another level of maturity from Chance. His last project was recorded and released within the time that he recently became a father. This song has Chance addressing his experiences of fatherhood since then while simultaneously pursuing his busy schedule as a musician. He raps on the song "I'm a rich excuse for a father/ You can't just tour a toddler/ She turnin' 2, she don't need diaper, she just need her papa/ I really need a break, could really use a nap/ My daughter barely recognize me when I lose the hat." 

While Chance took to the show last night to premiere the new joint, he admitted that the song was only written a few days before. He says he was going to come on the show to perform a joint off of Coloring Book but ultimately opted out on Saturday evening for unknown reasons. That ended up leaving him to do something new and fresh for the show. The outcome of the song is dope and is definitely a new direction for Chance the Rapper sound-wise. While every project he releases, he seems to switch up sound-wise so maybe this is an indication of what's to come from the Chicago rapper. Either way, hopefully the CDQ version of this song pops up in the near future.

Check the tweet and performance below: