Sparked by what seems to a deceptive account of overnight success to some, Chance The Rapper's authenticity as an independent artist and his image as a positive force in Hip-Hop has been a topic of much debate as of late.

The most recent among the naysayers has been production duo J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League who took to Twitter to reveal in a series tweets what they perceived to be false motives on Chance's part following what seems to be his involvement in keep SoundCloud from shutting down, alluding to his alleged use of the platform to cheat producers out of royalties in his earlier days as an artist.

"Of course Chance wants to save the free music business model," the League asserted. "that's how he got on by NOT paying."

The tweets continued, claiming that Chance normalized a model in which producers are often left without pay when their music is used for SoundCloud releases.