Chance the Rapper is having himself a day. First, he went on Good Morning America to perform five songs off his last record, The Big Day, and now, according to, he’s amassed over one billion streams on SoundCloud. Backstage at his Good Morning America show, SoundCloud President, Mike Weissman, and Global Head of Artist Relations & Label Services, Lisa Ellis, presented Chance with a unique “1 Billion Stream On SoundCloud,” plaque.

If anyone is to reach one billion streams on SoundCloud first, it makes sense that would be Chance the Rapper. Chance has been an avid supporter of SoundCloud throughout his career. As Chance loves to remind us, The Big Day is technically his debut “Owbum.” Prior to his latest release, Chance operated purely through mixtapes, making a platform like SoundCloud perfect for him. The platform helped him grow his following into the superstar level that it is at now. In return, Chance and Young Thug released "Big B's" to draw traffic to the site in 2017, when the company was struggling. Chance also released his project Coloring Book for free through the service.

The Big Day is available to stream on SoundCloud, so if you’d like to inflate Chance’s numbers even higher, head over to the site for a listen.