Earlier today, Chance The Rapper attended the second annual summit for SocialWorks, a nonprofit organization that he founded. While at the summit, Chance made a groundbreaking announcement revealing plans to make a one million dollar donation towards improving the mental health services available to the people of his native city, Chicago. 

According to Pitchfork, the donation will benefit various organizations providing mental health services in the area with six different mental health institutions receiving $100,000 grants. The news was announced on the same occasion that SocialWorks launched their initiative, My State of Mind. The initiative is aimed at improving the quality of mental health resources in Cook County, Illinois. 

The donation is one of Chance's many philanthropic pursuits. Back in 2017, Chance revealed that he had managed to raise $2.2 million for Chicago Public Schools, a sum which went towards bringing "arts programs and materials to schools." While at Chicago's Paul Robeson High Schoo,l he shared, “Quality education for public schools is the most important investment a community can make.” As one of Chicago's most promising and celebrated artists, it's quite endearing and inspirational to see him spearheading such positive change in his community. 

Chance's last album Coloring Book is set to be followed up by a joint venture with Kanye West, Good Ass Job. A release date for the project has yet to be confirmed.