Lil Chano has done more than his fair share for American democracy this year. As one of rap's most visible stars, Chance took his platform as a responsibility to do good, bringing voter registration tables to all of his Magnificent Coloring Book tour dates.

Now he's bringing his fans directly to the voting booth, with a free concert on November 7 in Chicago (it's kind of a mini-festival) to bring fans out to practice their democratic right. Before Chance headlines, there'll be opening sets by up-and-coming Chicago talent like Malcolm London, Twin Peaks, and Chano's brother Taylor Bennett. Following Chance's set, there will be a literal march to a voting booth - if that doesn't make the kids vote, I don't know what will.

Chance The Rapper has already made his loyalties clear - he's voting for Hillary Clinton. That being said, it would appear that his efforts to get the young people out to voting booths aren't affiliated with any political party. Stay woke, folks.