Chance The Rapper wasn't holding his punches during a recent conversation with Zane Lowe on Beats 1 Radio. On the subject of his intentions going into the production of The Big Day, Chance contended that initially, his sole interest was to create the GOAT hip-hop album. Soon enough, Chance The Rapper and his cohorts came to realize they needed to expand on that idea to create a linear model - or risk coming up with lint.

"When I first started working on [The Big Day]; the concept, the theme," Chance told Zane Lowe. "Okay, we have school, we have acid, we have faith and family, and then the fourth one—really the first one—the concept was 'best album of all time.' And that's not really a good concept to make music. It gives you no direction." 

Rich Fury/Getty Images

Chance The Rapper furthered the discussion by making several veiled remarks about what he envisioned the "perfect album" to look like. To no one's surprise, Chance spoke of a need to complete "love songs" while maintaining a focus that was altogether nostalgic and futuristic in the same breath. In the hopes of coming up with exemplar, aka 'a project executed on all fronts,' Zane Lowe asked Chance to pick the all-time best hip-hop project/LP/what have you.. to which Chano responded, "I would say, to me personally, the best album of all time. Umm, Acid Rap."