Chance the Rapper’s newest project, The Big Day, has divided Chance fans more than any of his other work yet. Without getting into details, Chance took the stage at Good Morning America’s Summer Concert Series this morning to perform some of the most notable songs from the project. 

For “Hot Shower,” Chance was joined on stage by MadeinTYO and DaBaby. The trio performed their respective verses for free in front of a giant crowd in Central Park. Some fans, as with the album, had complaints about the performance. One commenter on Stereogum wrote, “I only watched ‘Hot Shower’ but man that's a tough watch. The sound cuts out half the song, and he's clearly just singing over a backing track because half the time you can hear his voice when he's not even singing. At least it's got a lot of energy?” 

If you enjoyed The Big Day, you’ll likely want to check out the performances. Chance presented fans with “Do You Remember,” “Hot Shower,” “Let’s Go On The Run,” “Town On The Hill,” and “We Go High” for a total of five songs. If you want to catch Chance perform these tracks in person, he’ll be going on tour this Fall. Check out the performances below.