Chance the Rapper is the star of a new ad for Twitter and he gets mocked from a pretty unlikely source.

In the commercial, Chance is first seen tweeting out that he's pumped for a show later that night and asks his fans if they have any requests. We're then shown quick cuts of fans debating which songs he should play, including one person who just wants to hear "No Problem" on repeat.

All of a sudden, David Crosby appears and asks him, "How about any song with real instruments?" Crosby is best known for his work with Crosby, Stills and Nash, the classic folk-rock band that has been around for many years. That probably explains why he tweets at Chance later on in the ad that he can "up [Chance's] game." I'll say this: if Chance ever links up with Crosby or another classic rocker, that combo would be an interesting one.

You can watch the full ad below.