Chance The Rapper has been doing much more than rapping these days. A philanthropist, the judge of a music competition series, voice actor, and more, Chance has shown a keen interest in the world of film and television at an early point in his career. His short film Mr. Happy was a glimpse of his acting abilities but it appears that he won't be going in that sort of grim direction for his next acting gig.

According to Variety, Chance is in talks to join the cast of the Sesame Street film. The live-action Warner Bros. film is set to be directed by Jonathan Krisel which Anne Hathaway is set to star in the musical. The film's set to include a star-studded cast in the way that Disney brought The Muppets to live in 2011. Sesame Street will follow the characters after they're suddenly booted from their own neighborhood and must work with history class host Sally Hawthorne to make their return. The film is due out on April 15th, 2021.

Although Chance has taken on roles in horrors such as A24's Slice and comedies, he's no stranger to the Sesame Street crew as he made an appearance on the show last year. We can't imagine Chance leaving music at any point, it seems like he's making major strides to flex his acting chops a bit more.