While many rap stars harbour a belief in God, or Allah for the myriad Muslim artists out there, a large variety of hip-hop listeners tend to openly boast their atheism. While religious faith can often be seen as a stereotypically Republican trope, many progressive young fans forget that the artists they listen to are quite possibly god-fearing citizens. That doesn't stop rappers like Chance The Rapper from proudly defending his faith from ne'er-do-wells who attempt to cyberbully the wholesome Chicago emcee. Now, Chance has decided to fight back, by using one of their favorite weapons against them: memes.

Taking to Twitter, Lil Chano clapped back with a sarcastic mannequin meme, painting himself as somewhat of a sobbing victim. It's the context we must consider; the masses are making fun of him for putting his faith into something, that is at its core, quite positive. Perhaps, by shining a light on the absurdity of his criticism, he can convert a few naysayers. Let Chance The Rapper live.